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Why choose About Granite?

We fabricate countertops using stones from only the best sources as well as using only the most reliable distributors in South Florida. We obtain slabs from only world renowned quarries from around the globe.

This ensures that our process follows our level of excellence. Being a small fabricator and working with the finest resources in the industry, the best selection, and an unprecedented 100% customer satisfaction to date, allows us to offer high-quality craftsmanship for each and every customer all the time, every time.

What that means to you

We utilize an advanced manufacturing process, using water from step one until the very end, so the finish edging will always be smooth, shiny and meet, or most likely surpass, the quality of other fabricators.

Our process is key to our quality products

When it comes to stone surface counters, About Granite does it all. We have zero tolerance for less than outstanding service!

Avoid confusion with us - have fun with us

We at About Granite understand there’s a lot of confusion in the stone countertop industry when choosing the right company. We want our clients to be completely satisfied with their purchase. The process can be fun, but choosing the proper people to help you with the slab selection and to go through the necessary details is crucial to a successful project.


By picking About Granite as your stone company, you are not only getting a reliable team, but also a serious team, assuring you’ll be happy with your project, no matter what your objective may be. You will have peace of mind, and we will certainly make your project soar, even giving you the opportunity to choose, while selecting your countertop, the spot in the slab you want to be seen most. Yes, it is possible.

Choose from a wide array of profiles

We have a variety of profiles to make your counter even more elegant, from the flat polished to a more complex edging detail. Your project will absolutely look the way you have dreamt, regardless of the shape of your cabinetry or the profile itself.


It is highly recommended that before template staging, the complete removal of your existing counter, if any, take place. We do understand how inconvenient this could be, but we work very hard to get to the installation stage as soon as possible without compromising the quality of our process.


We do not subcontract our labor, which means your counter will always be delivered in the time frame promised.

Enjoy the benefits of quartz and engineered stone

We also work with quartz/engineered stones and COMPAC Marble & Quartz is one of our recommended sources for those interested in these durable and popular solid surfaces. These surfaces are an extremely non-porous, high-density, structurally homogeneous, stone-like material that doesn’t crack or have the variation natural stones carries.


It is recommended as a food preparation area, due to its non-porosity feature, providing an excellent sealing against associated disease-causing bacteria.


Quartz/engineered stones are known for their “scratch-resistance” surfaces and, while under the same conditions as natural stone, prove less suitable to stain.

The Right Way

Whatever decision is made, in terms of color, natural stone, or quartz/engineered, we will meet all of your expectations with our high standard quality and state-of-the-art craftsmanship.


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